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Vehicle Accident Claims

This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats. Cabe Law Offices has focused on these accidents since 1972. As you can imagine, many laws and case precedents have shaped and re-shaped this field of law. We have all the latest tools to assist clients in recovering all their losses.

Most other injury claimsare handled for a fee of 33 1/3%, with costs advanced by Cabe Law Offices,and no payment is to be made to us until collected from the insurancecompany.

Slip/Trip/Fall Accidents

These are the most difficult claims I see in my practice. Why? Probably for two reasons. California law provides that the owner of property is liable only if the owner knew or should have known the negligent condition causing the accident. The other reason is that many such claims offer the defendant the argument that the claimant was somewhat careless.

Complete a report? Not necessary. This only helps the owner, as these reports are confidential and we can't even get a copy.

What to do? Observe all conditions at the scene of the accident. Get photos, or at the very least, do a diagram with measurements of heights and distances. Get names of witnesses. Don't give statements or opinions.Call an attorney.

How can attorneys help? These claims seem simple, but often require more work than most. Initial investigation is essential. The condition must be preserved for future proof. Experts are often needed.

Call as soon as you can. Evidence must be preserved.

Dog Bite Claims

California has a dog bite statute which imposes strict liability on a dog's owner.

Cabe Law Offices can help you with hiring a plastic surgeon, if necessary, to evaluate whether scarring can be reduced. This is often a consideration in these claims.

Head Injuries/Concussive Syndrome

You will most likely need an attorney if you have suffered any type of blow to the head which causes you symptoms lasting longer than a few days.While it is very clear that head injuries can cause long-lasting effects, insurance companies resist these claims on a regular basis. Proof will have to be obtained that you continue to suffer the effects of a head injury.

We help you obtain referrals to good doctors, who recognize the significance of head injuries to their patients. Early, qualified help can be extremely important.

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