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Do I have a claim?

Your common sense should be a good guide. However, consider these thoughts:

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What is my claim worth?

Value depends on severity of injury, length of care needed, and your accident-related financial losses.

You should be reimbursed for all related expenses, plus payment for pain and suffering. Each claim is unique. Medical records are the most important proof of value. Not all care is accepted as reasonable. If the insurance company deems your case to be unreasonable, they won't pay.

Your claim will be analyzed by the insurance company to determine what your doctor says about your injuries. They want to know to what degree your medical complaints are objectively proveable and determine whether the doctor feels you might experience pain in the future. You are entitled to general damages for the past as well as future pain and suffering.

Out-of-Pocket losses and income loss. All proveable expenses or losses can be recovered in a claim. These would include medical bills, prescriptions, gardening expenses, household service expenses, or income loss.

It is our job to gather all of the proof necessary to prove your claim. We help you obtain those items which you alone can acquire and we will obtain the rest. Having all of the necessary proof is a pre-requisite to beginning discussions of settlement.

Don't damage the value of your claim. Let me and my competent staff prepare your claim. Call Cabe Law Offices at (916) 924-3155.

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Do I need an attorney?

Yes, if you want the full value of your claim. In the years that this firm has been representing accident victims (since 1972), never have we seen so much resistance to claims as we are seeing now. Insurance companies have influenced public opinion that too many claims are being made and are driving up insurance rates. While this is not true, the juries which hear these claims have been influenced sufficiently that they are very skeptical. Ask around. You will learn that others who have had accidents will have hired attorneys, or they wish they had.

Just like all human relations, knowledge equates to power. Our knowledge of the proper way to present claims and to assimilate necessary proof, enables you to obtain a fair settlement.

Low impact or small damage vehicle accidents are a major problem for claimants these days. You will most definitely need a lawyer to properly present such a claim. Insurance companies are hiring accident reconstruction experts who will say that no injury could have occurred in such an accident. They will also hire doctors who will render opinions that treatment was excessive. You can recover on these claims, but you have to proceed with caution, and you should talk with a good attorney.

Mr. Cabe is available to discuss your claim. No fee until settled. Call (916) 924-3155.

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Why choose Cabe Law?

You will obtain personal representation with Mr. Cabe managing your claim throughout.

We are respected by insurance companies and their attorneys. Mr. Cabe has served as an arbitrator hearing both sides of these cases for many years.

Your calls will be returned promptly!

You will receive copies of letters we send to the insurance company.

Our litigation experience will place you on an equal footing with the experience of the insurance companys and their attorneys.

Your claim will be handled on "fast track" so that you receive your settlement as soon as possible.

Your net recovery will be greater than you likely will recover on your own.


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What are your fees?

Our fees have always been competitive.

Vehicle accident claims are handled for a low 25% fee, without litigation. About 75% of vehicle claims can be settled without litigation.

Details about fees can be discussed at any time. Usually, I will advance all costs to be prepare your case for settlement. You will not pay anything until you collect a settlement from the insurance company.

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What should I do if I am involved in a vehicular accident?

How you conduct yourself at the scene of an accident can directly affect the outcome of later proceedings.  But no other consideration must outweigh your legal and moral duty to get help for injured persons. Make this your first concern.

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