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Our firm is organized so that we can prepare injury cases quickly. Once you contact us, we will answer your questions and learn about your accident. There are no charges for any of our consultations, so you can feel free to talk with us at any time. Our fees are a percentage of your settlement. You may rest assured that your claim will be pursued vigorously!

Our core staff is friendly, efficient and experienced. Additional experts are retained whenever necessary. Insurance companies fight hard to defend themselves. It is our job to fight hard to defend your rights.

Mr. Cabe personally oversees the handling of every claim he accepts. With over 28 years of experience, he is well known and respected by the major insurance companies and their attorneys. This means that he can cut through the red tape and settle most cases without litigation - a savings in time and money for you.

Once your case is accepted, you will be provided copies of letters sent to the insurance companies. You will not have to talk with them any further. Your phone calls will be answered promptly. Your doctors will be informed of our representation. You will receive regular updates.

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